About Gloria Johnson

Hi! I’m Gloria!  I’ve been actively working in the Health and Fitness industry since 1999.  I’m dedicated to helping people reach their goals whether it be to get out of pain, to get better at their sport, or to help people feel like themselves again.  I’m here to help you achieve ** your personal best! **

With a background in basketball, cycling, track and field, bodybuilding, and as a former chronic pain sufferer (23 years), I understand and can relate to a variety of clients and their needs.  I also understand what it is like to transition from being a well-seasoned, strong athlete, to going through an intense postpartum recovery phase that left me feeling vulnerable and not very strong.  I went from feeling and BEING VERY capable, to barely being able to walk, bend, or lift a newborn baby with any amount of strength.  That kind of transition leaves a mark on a person and can be hard to recover from.  Thankfully, I was very fortunate to have the support and guidance from my colleagues!  I’m now well on the other side and now am capable and strong once again. How strong? I joined in on a watermelon crushing challenge and crushed a dang watermelon with my legs!! I went from literally having lost use of my legs, not being able to walk, to crushing a watermelon with them on National Watermelon Day (yup, that’s a thing!) THAT’S the power of the nervous system!! WE CAN HEAL!!

If I can recover and feel like myself again, I have hope you can too!