About Gloria Johnson

10411445_10152285343191503_9203520956529853390_nGloria Johnson, owner of Physical Dynamics has over 17 years experience in her industry as a Sports Therapist.   She is dedicated to helping people reach their goals whether it be to get out of pain or to improve at their sport.

Gloria is currently is trained and certified in:

  • Z-Health R Phase (Movement Re-Education)
  • Z-Health I Phase  (Movement Integration)
  • Z-Health T Phase (Exercise Therapy Specialist)
  • Z-Health Structure
  • 1st and 2nd year Massage Therapy
  • Biomechanics
  • Personal Trainer
  • MPI Mindset Specialist
  • FIT One (Massage for Horse Owners) Level 1
  • First Aid/CPR

She has also completed 5 different levels of ART, attended a World Class Biomechanics/Coaching class where she had the opportunity to work with a variety of Olympic athletes, and has treated at an Ironman event.

She will gladly work with ALL types of athletes ranging from the Keyboard Athlete to the competitive athlete.  With a back ground in basketball, cycling, track and field, bodybuilding, horses, and as a former chronic pain sufferer (23 years) she understands and can relate to a variety of clients and their needs.

Using neurology based sports therapy she can help you reach all your goals from pain relief and better mobility to increased improvement in your sport.