In Person Appointment

I’m often asked, with your diverse background, what do sessions look like? What do you actually do in a session? 

I take into consideration what it is that you have going on, what your primary goals are with your sessions, and aim to find the fastest, most thorough and complete way of helping you reach your goal.  Typically we start off with a gait assessment.  I see how you move, how you walk, notice where any restrictions are and think of how we can resolve those issues quickly.  There can be a mix of soft tissue work. Manual releases, cupping, taping (all of which are done with a neurological application! Yes! Massage therapy can be done with a neurological approach in mind!).  There can be neurological based drills involved such as joint mobility work, vision drills or even vestibular work.  All of which are done to what tests the best for your nervous system and which ones will give you the BEST and highest payoff! 

Booking an Appointment

I have both online and in person sessions available.  Feel free to email me at to book your appointment or reach out to me on my FB page Physical Dynamics!