Brain Whispering & Frequencies

What is Brain Whispering?

Part of what I do is what I call Brain Whispering.  It’s where I find communication errors within the nervous system and correct them so things can function properly again.  Errors can occur when there is trauma, illness, associations, etc.  A lot of different things can cause the errors.  Pretty well everyone has them, just not everyone knows that there is actually something you can do about them! 

An example of an error would be when I would take a Calcium Magnesium supplement. I would get all jittery and really anxious. It didn’t matter what type of Cal-Mag supplement it was, what brand it was or what form it came in.  No one had the explanation or the reason why either.  It wasn’t until I was talking to a pharmacist about it and he made the comment “It’s weird. Normally when the magnesium hits your brain, you’re supposed to calm down, for you, when it hits your brain you get jacked”.  That’s when I realized and clued in that the issue might not be with the actual supplement, but rather my nervous system giving a threat response to it!  After all, I did have several traumatic head injuries in my life and my head has become sensitive to things, why would this be any different?  This could be an error! I went home after our conversation, spent 10 minutes working on myself, clearing errors and next thing you know I can now take the Cal-Mag supplement and be 100% fine! All these years, what I was experiencing was an error, not an actual negative response to a supplement.  I can now take the supplement daily and finally reap the benefits of it!

When testing for errors, I start where your brain wants to start and I stop when it tells me to stop.  I honor the boundaries that your brain sets out. 

For remote sessions, I am your surrogate.  I test what the primary issue is, see if it is linked to any secondary issues and if the secondary issue also has other issues linked to it.  It’s kind of like going through a complex filing cabinet.  I test to see which drawer we go to first, then see which file in that drawer needs addressing.  In person, there would be a series of swipes, taps and various specially located stims to find an error and to calibrate a system (clear the error).  In a remote session, I do that energetically.  (yes, you do have to keep an open mind! We have bio-electric fields that therapists have the ability to influence provided we have permission to do so).  

How do you use Frequencies in a session?

Frequency work can come in a couple different forms.  Sometimes it comes in the form of a vibratory tool like a Z Vibe or from a tuning fork.  Each has it’s own frequency that it functions at, and I aim to find the one your nervous system will respond best to.  

Other times, the frequencies come in the form of actual sound that is played from a Tone Generator.  We can use the tone to help a body part function better. If you had say a muscle that wasn’t quite firing the way it should or if you had limited mobility, we can find the frequency that muscle/body part is needing and play it, and the muscle should function noticeably better either instantly or within a few minutes.

For remote sessions, I find this application to be incredibly useful since I cannot manually release any stuck tissue, but with the right frequency being played, that stuck tissue can move freely as if I had manually worked on you!  It’s incredible what frequencies can do for healing and repair!

Function Generator
Tuning Fork & Z Vibe
Bone Conduction Headphones