For me, Brain Whispering was a game changer.

I had an amazing experience working with Gloria intensively for a month. She really helped me get past issues that I just wasn’t getting figured out, by looking at the whole picture and seeing how each little part contributes – yes those little details really count. I never appreciated how strong the brain body connection was before.
My body has been a bit of a mess after a twin pregnancy, and she helped me identify that I had a strong twist, and work through the root causes layer by layer to take care of it – some were emotional and others physical. I’ve also had issues with my lower back for years, I had no idea that it was due to my hips not moving properly, a strong portion of the root cause was due to health issues I had 18yrs ago. Now they have the right dynamic motion, and my abs feel stronger than ever.
Since I was working with her remotely, when I needed body work done she would help me identify the right resource or help me guide people that I had access to do the body work needed. She also uses a multifaceted approach, to help tackle issues from different directions. If you work with her be open to trying new things. For me brain whispering was a game changer.
Rachel from China