I can’t say enough good about Gloria and her work. Scoliosis gone!

I love Gloria!!  She has helped me so much this year!  I’ve had mild scoliosis for many year.  I was diagnosed with it 15 yrs ago, but may have had it longer.  It was never painful but it affected my weightlifting and strength routines.  Nothing has ever truly helped or corrected it.  One session with Gloria has completely straightened my spine!  I wasn’t even sure it would last.  But it’s been a couple months and my spine is still straight.  My functionality has improved tons!

I also recently did a Brain Whispering session with her.  The neuro work she did has greatly freed me up emotionally!!  I am a sensitive person and between EMF’s and other people, I felt bogged down a lot.  I was constantly trying to manage emotions and feel like myself.  It was exhausting.  I now feel joyful and at peace.  Other people’s emotions don’t bog me down for days.  I’ve done a lot of counseling, body work, and even somatic experiencing (that one did little to help me and was more frustrating than anything).  That has all changed now.  Gloria gave me the gift of being a joyful, calm wife and mommy.  Instead of anxiety, I enjoy my day and life again; I even find myself spontaneously singing or humming throughout the day.  It’s made a huge difference in my family.  My family is more calm and happy now too.  My weightlifting is better.  I’m much stronger and “on” when I train.  I can’t say enough good about Gloria and her work.

Keturah from Colorado