Instantly I had relief

“I worked with AutoCAD all day sitting at a desk using a mouse and with my desk not being setup properly I got extreme arm pain that slowly went up in to my shoulder and then was waking me up at night. I had been trying the chiropractor but it didn’t seem to help at all. One day I had to see the other chiropractor in the office and he highly recommended I see Gloria and gave me her card. I was to the point I thought I was going to have to go through workers compensation and take some time off to let my arm rest. At first I was seeing Gloria once a week for about a month and instantly I had relief. Then we changed to every two weeks for about another month or two, and after that just once a month. At that point Gloria started helping with other issues and just coming to see her hear and there I was able to keep the arm pain away. Since having three kids Gloria has been able to help me with other issues and if I just keep taking time to see her I know I will have these back issues fixed soon too.”


Stacey from Alberta