She is my miracle drug

“Before seeing Gloria, I had seen 2 different chiropractors, who just aggravated the problem; 4 different physio therapists that said there is nothing wrong; and 2 different massage therapists. All methods would provide temporary relief of pain but it always came back to where I couldn’t walk more than 5 feet before sitting down to rest. My sister, who had seen Gloria a few years before, finally convinced me to go see her. And it took a lot of convincing because nothing so far had worked. So, I was skeptical about going. Upon meeting with Gloria for the first time, the first thing I remember is her amazing sense of humor and the compassion and caring to try and “fix” my problem. You can actually see she really wanted to help. After the first session, I felt amazing and expected, like everything I tried before, that I would be back to feeling pain the next morning. But for me, it didn’t come back the next day. It SLOWLY started coming back a week later. Sure, it didn’t fix me the first time but she relieved so much of the pain that I could actually function again before seeing her for our next session. After 4 sessions, I felt like a million dollars. I could finally play on the floor with my 2 young kids and get back up. I am sleeping better, walking better and my back is so much better now, I only go now when I feel like I need a maintenance session. After 5 years of being in pain and unable to move, for me, she is my miracle drug. “


Leah from Alberta