So thankful for Gloria

Gloria has helped our family so very much even though she is thousands of miles away. first she helped me with her fantastic techniques to free myself from a virus that was bothering me for 18 years and gave me back enormous quality of life. Forever I will be so thankful for that! Then she helped my son the same way to get rid of a virus in a very short amount of time so that he now is able to enjoy life like a 14 year old should supposed to be able to. As my husband saw what an impact Gloria had on our lives he asked her to help him find the way out of his problem, which was not a virus, but some sort of endless loop he could not get out of himself. He had very low energy, was overwhelmed by little and often “stood beside his feet”. While Gloria was working on him – she in Canada, my husband in Switzerland – the spirits of life came back into his body! No kidding! His eyes started to shine again and he grew 5 cm while she was treating him. We had a cry of relief and amazement and are so thankful for Gloria – our helping angel on earth!

Annatina from Switzerland