Such a blessing to me

“A brief overview of my physical health: I have been rear-ended three times and involved in a truck roll-over all within 6 years of each other.  I have arthritis in my neck and I am in constant pain in my neck, shoulders, back and hips. I have been to see many massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists and I was so thankful to find Gloria (Physical Dynamics).
Gloria (Physical Dynamics) has been such a blessing to me.  I have had the most success with pain relief and getting my body back in balance. I was unable to turn or bend my neck over a certain point and with Gloria’s Z-health drills and her healing hands I can now move my head/neck in all directions once again at full range of motion. With the drills and stretches she’s provided me with my hips are now back to full range of motion. I suffer excruciating painful tension headaches – they are now less frequent and when I feel the pain starting I do my drills and stretches and it helps the pain to either not come at all or barely be present. Thank you Gloria (Physical Dynamics) for all you’ve done for me. My body is not am easy case to work on, but with the help from Gloria I am on the road to full recovery.  She is very professional and I feel safe and respected when around her and am confident in her abilities.”


Jennifer from Ontario