“Gloria has an extremely diverse set of skills that allow her to help so many people.  Gloria does it all working with your body’s neurology from pain relief to performance enhancement.  She stays on top of current therapies and continues to learn so that she may help her clients. I recommend that you book an appointment with her.  You will not be disappointed!!”


“Before seeing Gloria, I had seen 2 different chiropractors, who just aggravated the problem; 4 different physio therapists that said there is nothing wrong; and 2 different massage therapists. All methods would provide temporary relief of pain but it always came back to where I couldn’t walk more than 5 feet before sitting down to rest. My sister, who had seen Gloria a few years before, finally convinced me to go see her. And it took a lot of convincing because nothing so far had worked. So, I was skeptical about going. Upon meeting with Gloria for the first time, the first thing I remember is her amazing sense of humor and the compassion and caring to try and “fix” my problem. You can actually see she really wanted to help. After the first session, I felt amazing and expected, like everything I tried before, that I would be back to feeling pain the next morning. But for me, it didn’t come back the next day. It SLOWLY started coming back a week later. Sure, it didn’t fix me the first time but she relieved so much of the pain that I could actually function again before seeing her for our next session. After 4 sessions, I felt like a million dollars. I could finally play on the floor with my 2 young kids and get back up. I am sleeping better, walking better and my back is so much better now, I only go now when I feel like I need a maintenance session. After 5 years of being in pain and unable to move, for me, she is my miracle drug.


“I worked with AutoCAD all day sitting at a desk using a mouse and with my desk not being setup properly I got extreme arm pain that slowly went up in to my shoulder and then was waking me up at night. I had been trying the chiropractor but it didn’t seem to help at all. One day I had to see the other chiropractor in the office and he highly recommended I see Gloria and gave me her card. I was to the point I thought I was going to have to go through workers compensation and take some time off to let my arm rest. At first I was seeing Gloria once a week for about a month and instantly I had relief. Then we changed to every two weeks for about another month or two, and after that just once a month. At that point Gloria started helping with other issues and just coming to see her hear and there I was able to keep the arm pain away. Since having three kids Gloria has been able to help me with other issues and if I just keep taking time to see her I know I will have these back issues fixed soon too.”


“A brief overview of my physical health: I have been rear-ended three times and involved in a truck roll-over all within 6 years of each other.  I have arthritis in my neck and I am in constant pain in my neck, shoulders, back and hips. I have been to see many massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists and I was so thankful to find Gloria (Physical Dynamics).
Gloria (Physical Dynamics) has been such a blessing to me.  I have had the most success with pain relief and getting my body back in balance. I was unable to turn or bend my neck over a certain point and with Gloria’s Z-health drills and her healing hands I can now move my head/neck in all directions once again at full range of motion. With the drills and stretches she’s provided me with my hips are now back to full range of motion. I suffer excruciating painful tension headaches – they are now less frequent and when I feel the pain starting I do my drills and stretches and it helps the pain to either not come at all or barely be present. Thank you Gloria (Physical Dynamics) for all you’ve done for me. My body is not am easy case to work on, but with the help from Gloria I am on the road to full recovery.  She is very professional and I feel safe and respected when around her and am confident in her abilities.”


“I find it hard to describe to everyone what it means when I’m going to see Gloria. She’s the best combination of masseuse, chiropractor, physiotherapist, personal trainer, and sometimes even a mental therapist. Always honest and straight to the point, Gloria is open to very wide varieties of therapy to help mend the body in the most efficient way possible. Even when I come in with the most unusual aches, pains, or problems, we always manage to figure out the issue and walk away stronger than ever! I’ve had numerous knee surgeries and all kinds of issues with stuck fascia and immobile hips and the works. But with A LOT of help, I can finally squat to at least parallel with no pain, plus my athletic abilities and hand eye coordination has improved as well. THANKS GLORIA!!”


Gloria has helped our family so very much even though she is thousands of miles away. first she helped me with her fantastic techniques to free myself from a virus that was bothering me for 18 years and gave me back enormous quality of life. Forever I will be so thankful for that! Then she helped my son the same way to get rid of a virus in a very short amount of time so that hen ow is able to enjoy life like a 14 year old should supposed to be able to. As my husband saw what an impact Gloria had on our lives he asked her to help him find the way out of his problem, which was not a virus, but some sort of endless loop he could not get out of himself. He had very low energy, was overwhelmed by little and often “stood beside his feet”. While Gloria was working on him – she in Canada, my husband in Switzerland – the spirits of life came back into his body! No kidding! His eyes started to shine again and hew grew 5 cm while she was treating him. We had a cry of relief and amazement and are so thankful for Gloria – our helping angel on earth!


OMG she is AMAZING!!! I had no idea I could feel this great! Whatever your Mojo is… keep doing it!!!
Carmela from Seattle